Ape E-City

Maximum Power (kW) 5,4
Torque (Nm) 29
Gradeability (%) 19%
Range (km/charge) 139
Max speed (km/h) 45
Battery type Lithium lon, 48V
Battery capacity (kWh) 7,5
Charging time (hours) 4
OFF-Board Charger (3 kwh)
Connector type Standard 1 Phase AC Indian Socket (15A)
Battery life 1.500 cycles in 4 years
Dimensions (mm)
Wheelbase 1920 mm
Width 1370 mm
Length 2700 mm
Height 1725 mm
Ground clearance 200 mm
Seating capacity Driever + 3 passengers
Tyres 4,0 X 8 (Rim 3 x 8)
Weights (kg)
GVW 689 kg
Kerb weight 389 kg
Transmission (kg)
Transmission type Constant Mesh 2 Stage Reduction With Integrated Differential Constant
Hydraulic Telescopic Shock Absorber With Front
Helical Compression Spring With Damper Hydraulic Telescopic Shock Absorber With
Rear Rubber Compression Spring With Damper

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