Displacement: 109.19 CC
Colors: B197 BLUE/ R264 RED


Displacement: 124.87 CC
Colors: B197 Blue/R264 Red

ACE125 TUF(K52)

Displacement: 124.8 CC
Colors: B197 Blue/R264 Red


Displacement: 184.43 CC
Colors: R134 Red / NH196 White/ NH1 Black


Displacement: 149 CC
Colors: NHA06 BLACK/ R337 RED

XR150 (KRH)

Displacement: 149.16 CC
Colors: R134 red /NH1 black/ NH196 white

CBF125S STD(K52)

Displacement: 124.8 CC
Colors: R356 Red / PB361 Blue / NHA06 Black

CBF125S DLX(K52)

Displacement: 124.8 CC
Colors: NHA86 Black

AFS110 (K92)

Displacement: 109.1 CC
Colors: NHA21 Gray/ NHA06 Black/ R264 Red

XL125 (KRH)

Displacement: 124.73 CC
Colors: R134 red / NH196 white


Displacement: 149
Colors: B197 blue / NHA06 black / R356 red

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